We offer a wide variety of sports related products, all available for purchase. Whether it is a pair of runners for the marathoner, or the latest in work-out gear, we strive to have the latest in technology available to our customers in order to enhance their exercising experience.

Shoes and Garments

New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno, Asics, Puma, Reebok, Hoka OneOne
Sporthill, Moving Comfort Bras & Clothing, Enell, Tilley, Level Six


(besides above) Wright Socks, Feetures, CEP Compression Sportsocks

Watches, HR Monitors and GPS

Polar, Timex, Garmin, Soleus


Pro-Tec, Spenco, Strassburg Socks, Superfeet, Bodyglide


Nathan, Rainforest, Bamboo Bottle, Ultimate Direction

Performance Nutrition

CarbBOOM, Cytomax, Powerade, Clif, Sport Beans, Nutritel, Nuron Bars, Hammer, Holy Crap Cereal

Workout Gloves & Straps

Grizzly, World Standard Fitness

Fitness & Rehab Equipment

Fitter, BOSU, Lifeline USA, Grip Pro, Powerweb

New Balance Brooks Mizuno Asics Reebok Puma Hoka OneOne Sporthill Moving Comfort Enell Tilley Level Six Wright Feetures CEP Compression Sportsocks Polar Timex Garmin Soleus Pro-Tec Spenco Strassburg Sock Superfeet Bodyglide Nathan Rainforest water bottles Bamboo water bottles Ultimate Direction CarbBoom Cytomax Powerade Clif Sport Beans Nutritel Nuron Bars Hammer Nutrition Holy Crap Cereal Grizzly World Standard Fitness Fitter BOSU Lifeline USA Grip Pro Power Web

“More than just a gym… we are also a specialty running store!”