AVID Fitness Center Ltd.

Powell River, BC

The heart of running & fitness in Powell River


Love Your Body

AVID will assist you in exercising control of your health and wisely plan your workout. Your health is our first priority. We focus on personal service rather than glitz. We provide functional fitness, weight training and cardio conditioning.

Our Mission

We aim to educate and encourage you to reach your fitness goals.

Youth to retiree, beginner to athlete; we guide you to workouts that will give you results.

Personal training is not standing over you while you exercise. We provide knowledge & method — you choose how far to take it.

At Avid Fitness, training is not just about hitting numbers or looking good...it's a lifestyle — your lifestyle!

Avid Membership

Get a membership at Avid Fitness to work out at our gym any time! Bring in guests and show them around. Unlimited access to our machines and free Yoga Classes!

Cost: As low as $62.00/month


Junior Athletic Camp

Summer Special!

A 4 week summer program, twice a week!

Cost: $80 preregistered,
$12 drop in.


Personal Training

Hire trainers by the hour - focus on your specific objectives. Sessions may be indoors or outdoors and do not have to be in our facility. Come with your goals & questions - and your trainer can guide you through the process.

Cost: As Low as $33.50/hour


Training Center

Avid Fitness Training centre is designed to provide high quality group sessions for all ages. Check the schedule for class descriptions, times and availability. We recommend participants book early to ensure availability.

Cost: $55.00/month (LIMITED TIME!)


Complete Package

This is the most popular service at Avid! You chat with your trainer - outline your desires and set your goals. A complete fitness assessment follows. Your trainer then takes you through a tailored 6-week workout program. At 6-weeks of independent exercise, after logging your workouts, a reassessment is scheduled and a second 6-week program is created to ensure that you are moving towards your goals. Includes personal training and membership.

Cost: $275/12 weeks


Sports Performance Training

Power, speed, endurance, and agility! All are trainable and all can be developed in a custom designed sports performance program. These programs will be tailored to athletes of all ages and abilities and will be unique to your sport.

Cost: $40 - $60/hour


Youth Fitness Program

All new members of Avid Fitness. between the ages of 12 and 19 years are encouraged to do a fitness assessment & training program. This ensures that they learn proper technique, safe form, exercise order, and gym etiquette. Workouts are adjusted to accomodate developmental levels. Includes personal training and membership.

Cost: $150/12 weeks