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Lorne Morrow

Lorne Morrow

Lorne completed his Diploma in Health & Fitness Studies at SFU and is A.C.E. certified as a Personal Trainer as well as being a NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach in Road & Track Cycling. Although he came into the industry from a sports background, Lorne discovered that many of his early clients were trying to recover from injury or overcome medical conditions. The design of Avid Fitness is a reflection of that — a fitness centre that is adjacent to and associated with a massage therapy clinic and a physiotherapy clinic. As well, much of Lorne's continuing education has focused on that aspect — medical exercise specialist, weight management and lifestyle coaching to name a few.

Favourite Place: our living room couch with Lisa, Mattie & I sitting and gabbing about nothing in particular

Favourite Running Shoe: Nike Contrail — discontinued more than a decade ago

Favourite Cycling Locales: New South Wales in Australia, the Laurentians in Quebec and The Anarchist leading up out of Ossoyoos.

Favourite Gym Exercise: monkey-bar because it keeps me young!

Lisa Morrow

Lisa Morrow

Lisa has been at Avid Fitness ever since she fell in love with Lorne in 1998. Before that she ran, did cross-country skiing, mountain-climbed, worked on a fishing boat, knitted, sang in the choir, built a few houses, and had a wonderful little girl. Now that she manages Avid, highlights of her life include watching her daughter Mattie grow up, going for runs with friends, keeping the running store stocked in the latest gear and eating anything chocolate.

Lisa's Rules: (1) Never run by a lucky penny — always put it in your shoe. (2) Be nice.

Lisa's Favourite Runs: Loon Lake on a hot summer's day, Mattie's Loop, anything downhill.

Lisa's Favourite Pre-Race Meal: hot Gluten-free rice cereal (yes, it is good!) and half a banana.

Tyler Bartfai

Tyler Bartfai

I was born and raised in Powell River, and have been living here for my whole life. I love running track and cross country, and when I'm not running I spend a large portion of my time fly fishing in our back country. In track I have run distances from 400m through to the 3000m, but I am currently training for the 800m and 1500m.

My favourite training shoes were by far Brooks Ghosts (1s). They fit me like a glove, had just the right arch profile, and didn't have too much cushion.

As much of shocker as it may be, I'd have to say my favourite exercise is running. There is no greater feeling for me than covering large amounts of ground on my own two feet.

My favourite foods are basically anything edible, with steak being the topper of that list.

Pre-race meals for me can be a no go, depending on how my nerves are, but usually my choice is Vector cereal.

AVID Fitness

Lisa at Tour de Trail 2010
Lisa as race organizer

Lisa at Sechelt Fall Tune-Up 2009
Lisa racing

Lorne at Sechelt Fall Tune-Up 2009
Lorne racing

Tyler at XC race
Tyler preparing to race